Choosing the right artwork can help with your Spring real estate sale

Artworks-and-Paintings-House-Livingroom-2With Spring fast approaching many people in the Geelong and Torquay real estate markets will be considering listing their home for sale. If you are thinking about this, you should give some thought to how you can add a bit of a “wow!” factor to your home simply and without major expense. A few well chosen pieces of art may just do the trick.

In this article, Mandy Molloy-Lee talks about the do and don’ts of choosing art when selling your home.

Choosing artwork for your home can sometimes be overwhelming as there are so many things to consider. The main things to think about include the size of the artwork, design and visual look and appeal. I always believe in exploring what’s out there in the market, what colours you want to bring into the room and what mood you want to create.

You will will find you naturally gravitate to certain looks, colours & styles that appeal to you. The key is to not rush into purchasing artwork. Ask if you can take the artwork home so you can see it in the room or the company may allow you to take a photo so you can visualise it that way.

Artwork selection is not something I rush into because it’s important to create the right mood in the rooms that make the spaces come alive. As an Interior Stylist I would rather clients walk into spaces that have personality than walk into spaces that feel dull and cold.

Here are some rules of thumb to follow:

  • Buy what you can afford.
  • Look at artwork that creates a mood and works with the look you are creating. You may have French inspired interiors so you wouldn’t put a big retro print on the wall. Keep with your theme and gravitate to what you love, not what’s always in vogue.
  • Try not to use small artwork in large rooms,
  • Use the right scale artwork in each room to create statements and balance. Don’t hang your artwork higher than eye level. Artwork should be hung at eye level and not higher as it will become unbalanced.
  • Avoid over cluttering the walls. There is a saying that less is best.

Enjoy choosing your unique artwork and enjoy the new spaces it creates in your home.

Mandy Molloy-Lee is the Director of Geelong based Premium Interior Styling. Find out more about interior styling at her website

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