It’s the busiest season in real estate, but what’s so special about Spring?

springAre you looking at selling your property in Spring? What is it about the weather warming up that has more people putting the ‘For Sale’ sign on their home and looking for something new?

Traditionally Spring is known as the busiest time of the year for real estate agents, and locally it’s no different. In a football mad city like Geelong, as soon as the footy boots are put away and finals are over, we see buyer activity lift, auction numbers rise, and a high number of properties hit the market. We’ve found in both the Geelong and Torquay markets that sales volumes are usually at their peak during October and November.

So if you’re waiting for Spring to list your property, you’re not alone. On the positive side, the rise in real estate activity brings with it an increase in the number of parties interested in buying, and this increase in competition can push your sale price up – particularly if your property is unique or your real estate agents’ marketing strategy is designed to attract multiple offers. As the weather warms up more people are out and about, home opens are generally more successful and overall interest in the real estate market increases.  In coastal towns like Torquay, the holiday home market also lifts as people look to settle before their Christmas holidays.

Sounds like the ideal situation for selling your home doesn’t it? But, if you haven’t prepared your home for the Spring market your selling experience can be less than successful, with the sudden increase in listings you can find your property lost in a crowded marketplace.

The key to selling in Spring is to make sure your real estate agent can demonstrate a marketing strategy that will ensure your property stands out amongst the competition and is attractive to buyers.

There are some other strategies to ensure your home is seen in the best light: Give any tatty looking areas a lick of paint, hang some well chosen artwork, ensure the garden is looking its best and give your property an old fashioned Spring clean.

We find that the higher supply in properties associated with Spring is generally matched with higher demand, and buyers are excited by a market full of possibilities. Discuss your target market with your real estate agent. Your marketing strategy should encourage the highest possible buyer enquiry, and competition.

So if you’re ready to achieve the best price for your property, it’s time to highlight your home’s distinctive features. It’s that fresh, vibrant feeling that Spring brings with it that entices buyers to see what’s out there and find their new home, investment opportunity or holiday house.

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