We are hiring!  Are you a real estate sales person with entrepreneurial flair and a passion for connecting people with their property dreams? 


At ASPIRON we look at real estate differently.  We know that real estate is not just about bricks and mortar; it’s about people.  We understand that whenever people enter the real estate market, whether as sellers or buyers, they are often going through a period of major transition in their lives. That’s why our aim is to ensure that we take the time to listen and understand our customers’ needs. 


We have adopted and practice a real estate model of the future; one that recognises that you don’t need an expensive shop front to connect people to property.  The foundation of our model is based on engaging with our customers and connecting them with their property dreams.  We are all about working with our customers and providing them with Best Service, Constant Innovation and Continuous Connections.  We want to form long-term relationships with our customers so we can continue to assist them to achieve their property dreams at every stage in their life cycle.


We are looking for a real estate sales person, an all rounder with entrepreneurial flair.  You don’t necessarily have to have years of experience in the industry but you have had enough to know what drives you, what you are good at and what makes you bounce out of bed for every day.

You should be comfortable with all forms of social media, be internet savvy, know your way around all of the Microsoft Office programs such as Excel, Word and Outlook, and be up to date with your knowledge of cloud based computing.

The role will service Geelong and its surrounding areas so being a local already would offer you a significant advantage as your knowledge of the area and the people you know would provide a great foundation for building networks and customer relationships.

Selling and making a sale really motivates you but not in a: ‘I just made a lot of money kind of way’ but in a: ‘I just helped my customer achieve a property dream’ kind of way.  If the ‘hard sell’ is what you thrive on, then this may not be the role for you.  Our selling methodology is based on connecting and engaging with our customers to support and offer them what they want and what they need.  Generating a network in the community and operating from a position of trust, credibility and authenticity is how we engage with our customers.

As with any Real Estate sales role, negotiation skills will be an important part of your repertoire!  You need to be able to connect with others and work with them to sign, seal and deliver the deal.

Importantly, you won’t be working in an office everyday.  One day you might work from home, the next day you are out meeting your customers and the day after that you are probably working your magic in the community.  We are all about flexible work arrangements so you need to feel comfortable not sitting in an office and waiting for the work to come to you.  You will be going out and sourcing the work yourself!


We are looking for someone who has at least a couple of years experience in a real estate role; sales or something similar.  You should have your ‘Agents Representative Certificate’.  You are highly regarded in ‘a’ community – it could be your local sports club, charity organisation or local school council – either way you are out there mixing and engaging with people because it’s what you love doing.  You are a relationship builder and you know that engaging in your local community allows you the opportunity to give back and to contribute in some way.  You are comfortable with public speaking or you are prepared to do it in the future.

You are a Go Getter; you don’t wait for things to happen, you make them happen.  Initiative is your middle name.  That means that you don’t wait to be told to do something, you get up and try it and if it doesn’t work out you learn from it.  Speaking of making mistakes, you love learning and you value it.  You are the kind of person that loves working with people and you know that you can always learn something even when you think you know it all.

You are known for your work ethic; not necessarily because you love hard work but because you are passionate about what you do.  You are flexible – but not in a gymnastics kind of way – you warm to people and they warm to you.  You recognise that every customer is different, and so are their circumstances; your adaptable approach is what helps you connect with your customers.  Understanding their point of view is not only what you value, but also what you do well.

Resilience, empathy and integrity are all words people would use when they talk about you and how you operate.  They would also say that your ability to listen is one of your key strengths; helping your customers understand that you hear what they are saying and you understand what is important to them.

Finally, you are a professional and you understand that this means that you don’t just look the part – you act the part.  Being a professional is important to you because you know that you represent the brand that you work for and that customers expect high standards.


We have created a job ad with a difference because we are looking for difference.  We recognise that CVs can be boring but are a necessary part of the recruitment process, so please send us your updated CV.  What we really want to get excited about is your story and how it connects with Aspiron.  Please tell us your story and why you are the right person for the future of our business.  And don’t tell us what you think we want to hear, be genuine and real so we can connect with who you are and why you believe you are the best person for the role.

Apply to geelong@aspiron.net.au


If you have any questions about the role or the application process please contact Nicole on 0407 341 909.





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